First and foremost, I must say – How gorgeous is this mama??? You would not believe this is her fourth child! She is one of those woman that makes pregnancy look stunning. I am very lucky to have met this beautiful lady. Actually, she used to live in my hometown (Panama City, Florida) and […]

World, meet August. August, meet the world. This little man cub is already three weeks old today. And he already has a little mind of his own when it comes to cooperating for pictures! And Lord, so does his sister. I had an adorable matching “Hello” shirt for her to take photographs in with him. […]

“And now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story that no one on Earth has ever read, which goes on forever, in which every chapter is better than the one before.”    -C.S. Lewis At last! Baby August Roland Liedl decided to join our little family exactly on time, not a […]

Hello 2016! It’s going to be a phenomenal year, I can tell already! I’m so excited to start the year off with this gorgeous boho gold sequin bridal inspiration session. I may be slightly obsessed with it…. It was just a normal shopping/browsing day for me, nothing out of the ordinary. I wasn’t looking for […]

“Life is all memory except for the one present moment that goes by so quick you can hardly catch it going.” This quote has deeply spoken to me and it is in this quote that my new brand has been born. There are so many beautiful little moments in life that are gone so quickly […]

    Fall is here FINALLY and it feels amazing. What is it about fall that feels so magical? Even inside of the house feels different. Fall scented candles that wafts through the house with the fresh air that comes in through the open windows, the days getting shorter. It’s such a nice change from […]

Childhood in the Summer… As a portrait photographer, I love taking photos of people dressed in things they wouldn’t normally wear in a place they wouldn’t normally be in. But lately, I have just been wanting to capture the art of everyday life. Especially with children. These types of sessions document the actuality of childhood. […]

    Introducing the Walker’s…   This family is awesome! This is the third time I have had the honor of photographing them. Sarah asked me to do her maternity photos when she was pregnant with little Axton (the handsome little devil you see below) and I also had the privilege of doing his newborn photos […]

    Oh my goodness…my little baby is two! Where has the time gone? She has truly become a beautiful and very funny little being. Her personality is so large it could move mountains and she has become such a kissy and cuddly little…sweetheart! Having only lived in San Diego for a little over a […]

  Meet the Brown’s… Oh my! What an adorable little family! This session has become one of my absolute favorites! The beautiful mother of this perfect family is a good friend and fellow photographer ( Alison of Ali Brown Photography ). She came to me to do her most recent family portraits and I was very […]