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+ the KRP Preset & Brush Set
+ over 20 editing videos
+ learn how to get rich, bold tones that POP
+ learn how to get the skin tones you want with brushwork
+ become a MASTER at Photoshop
+ access to me as a mentor with any questions you have along the way!! 

Online Editing Mentorship $500

What if you could get the tones you wanted without wasting anymore money on presets? You know. you are good at what you do but your editing is just not quite where you want to be? Time to LEVEL UP!! In this self paced online mentorship I will show you exactly how I edit from start to finish plus so much more!!

What you get


+ Camera settings / Gear & Lenses
+ Prompts & Posing / Different lighting types
+ Advertising & Marketing
+ BTS sessions / Guest Speaers
+ The not fun side of business ( taxes, insurance, accounting)

Monthly Subscription 14.99

If you are looking for an affordable and fun way to  to elevate your business than this is the subscription for you!! Join myself & Autumn of Hello Miss Lovely as we collaborate each month to teach bring you shooting tips, BTS coverage of our sessions,  lighting and more!

We will cover

KRP Brush Set + Actions


+ Creamy Skin Tone Brush
+ Pretty Sky Enhancer Brush
+ Sunflare Brush
+ Beautifully Bold Brush
+ Subject Brightener Radial Filter
+  Detail Enhancer Brush

LR Brush Set 

Enhance your images with the KRP brush set for creamy skin tones, bold colorful skies, golden sun flares and more!

What you get


+ Beautifully Bold Enhancement Action
+ Film Crush Action
+ Film Dream Action
+ Dim the Orange Action
+ Add. Mood Action
+ Creamy Skin Action Brush

KRP Action Set

Add a pop of rich color or dreamy film vibes with this action set.

What you get

coming soon


+ How to Build a Content Strategy
+ The Secret to a Viral Reel
+ Best Times to Post
+ Pillars of Content
+ Which Hashtags You Should Use

Instagram Growth Course $175

If you have been trying to grow you Instagram page and have been getting no where then this is the course for you!! You must have a strategy to be successful at Instagram and I can teach you how!!

What you get

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