Are you ready to take your work to the next level?

You can't achieve these bold colorful tones with a preset alone.... invest in a mentorship instead of presets!

-20+ editing videos on how I edit my client work as well as how I take photos of my kids
- ***New**** An ENTIRE section on how to use artificial lighting in your work!!
- the KRP presets
-how to use overlays over your images to enhance storytelling
-learn how to make your images POP and standout
-learn how I edit skies
-learn how to make sky and skin brushes
-how to use the Tone Curve
-lots and lots of Photoshop tricks
-how to manipulate color
-how to use artificial lighting (speedlights as well as studio lights)
-different types of lighting and where to place your lights to achieve them
-how to use artificial lighting creatively
-invite to the exclusive Facebook group where new content will be posted and you will get discounts and dibs on future releases
-this is a mentorship so you will have access to me with questions at anytime
-so much more!

you will get:

investment in yourself is $500

payments plans are available

im ready to

Are you intimidated by artificial lighting?

I will teach you...

- the different types of studio lighting
-where to place your lights
-how i set up my lights and exactly what i have and use
-how to make studio lighting look like natural lighting
-and more!

i'm ready to invest!