You just booked your session with the best family beach photographer in Santa Rosa!! Congratulations!! Just kidding, but you did make a great choice! Now it’s time for the toughest part of having a family beach photo session done – figuring out what you should wear!! I try to make this part of the session as easy and stress free for you as possible. Once you have booked a session with me, you will recieve my Style Guide that will help give you an idea of what to wear. In my guide I go over all of the colors that I recommend ( because they work best with the way I edit) all about textures and layering, as well as a list of my favorite places to shop! Earthtones, neutrals and dusty pastels are going to photograph the best. I always say to avoid white and do creams instead and definitely avoid putting the entire family in blue! It’s just way too much blue with the sky and water also being blue. One person in blue works and you can dress others in warmer colors to compliment the blues of the background.

Below are some images and inspiration from some family beach photo sessions done in Santa Rosa Beach Florida. As you can see I love mustards – they just photograph beautifully. I also loooove long gowns and dresses as they allow for lots of movement which again photographs beautifully!! Hats, flowers crowns, textures layers over dresses also will photograph beautifully and add interestt as well as depth. I also recomend introducing one or two prints instead of putting everyone in solids! If you are reading this, and you now have an idea of what to wear, but you still need to find a family beach photographer in Santa Rosa, then feel free to reach out to me! I would love to work with you!

Here are some links to my favorite places to shop to get you started!

H and M

Baltic Born

Free People

Now enjoy some Inspo images shot by yours truly, the best family beach photographer in Santa Rosa 🙂

family beach photographer in Santa Rosa

Shades of dusty teal – but be careful to not put everyone in blues as its too much with the sky and water also being blue, Warm up the palette by putting others in warmer colors and also neutrals.

family beach photographer in Santa Rosa
family beach photographer in Santa Rosa

Mustards are by far one of my most favorite colors to wear!

Neautrals are gorgeous! Avoid wearing white and do creams instead!

family beach photographer in Santa Rosa

Rusts and browns are also gorgeous!

beach family session in Santa Rosa Beach florida

Dusty Pastels like Mauves are so pretty!

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